As we head into the peak summer travel season, laptop computers and other mobile devices will be relied upon even more for accomplishing business while on the road. While experts predict that 99 percent of all information is stored electronically today, a recent report by security software company, Symantec, suggests that a typical notebook computer holds content valued at nearly one million dollars and that some store as much as $8.8 million!

Unfortunately, much of this mobile data never makes it to the data center to be backed up and is instead "off the server" traveling around the world on devices that are never backed up. The Symantec research showed that only 42 percent of companies automatically back up employee data located on mobile devices, meaning lots of valuable and expensive data is at risk. Even if a company has a backup strategy or regulations established for mobile devices, they are often ignored because they are perceived as too difficult to achieve.

At the same time, we annually experience a significant rise in data loss during the summer months – mostly on laptops and other mobile devices. A sizeable portion of this can be attributed to the fact that laptops tend to get banged around during travel and backups don’t exist. Since it is clear that backing up mobile data isn’t going to get any easier in the near future, travelers need other options to retrieve valuable data.

Simple options to data backup techniques are the following:

1. Save, Save, Save -- Remember to save early and safe often when working on a laptop. Frequent "saves" will ensure information is transferred from the memory of the computer to the hard drive of the computer. This ritual helps ensure new documents and edited versions can be retrieved if a laptop crashes and requires data recovery.

2. Burn, Baby, Burn! -- Burn backup copies of important data onto recordable CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives or micro external hard drives. This process takes a little bit of time, but you can select a few specific documents and have your backups ready in a matter of minutes.

However, if the traveler still neglects backup techniques and experiences data loss, there is another option – data recovery. It is important to contact an experienced recovery provider with a history of recovering from mobile storage devices, whether they are laptops, microdrives or even USB thumb drives such as Data Recovery Company.