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iPod Recovery

Although iPods have been around for a few years now, until only very recently the only way to recover lost data from them could have been detrimental to the warranty. Previously, if your iPod was damaged and in the process all of your music files were lost, iPod recovery would involve technicians cracking open the device to access the memory. Now there are iPod recovery techniques that are non-intrusive to the device and can alleviate the fear of risking a voided warranty.

For the last few years, in cases where an iPod was damaged while still under warranty it just wasn’t worth the risk for most people to recover the files and so many people had to start from scratch to recreate their music collection. Although music files for the Apple iPod could be stored on both Macs and PCs most people don’t bother to make back-ups of their tunes and would often go through the annoyance of putting all of their favorite music back on once it was repaired.

For most people, replacing all of their music files could take somewhere between 10-20 straight hours! As iPods rocketed in popularity, so did the number of instances where iPod data was lost, and this created a demand for data recovery companies to develop less intrusive iPod recovery techniques.

At Data Recovery Company, we have adapted the same clean room facility technology that has been helping us to repair and recover data from even the most battered hard drives with a near 99% success rate. If you have lost data from your iPod we can get it back for you in no time, and if your iPod has been damaged send it to us before you send it to an Apple authorized repair company and we will save your music so that when its working again, your customized music will be just as it was before.

Common ways to lose files on an iPod

While physical damage is one sure fire way to lose your music, there are several other ways to lose your data without damaging your iPod. Sometimes use of iTunes can delete files accidentally, accidentally restoring factory settings, iPod can occasionally freeze forcing a hard shut down, removal or resetting of the battery, and countless other reasons. In any of these cases don’t fret. iPod recovery is a relatively easy procedure (provided you have access to the right tools and possesses the know-how) and it is less expensive than a regular hard drive recovery.

Do it yourself software

At present time, there are a few iPod recovery programs that are out there but like Mac recovery software we have yet to come across one that we would recommend to our clients. Whether it is because Mac computers are less susceptible to data loss than PCs or because there are less Mac users and hence less data loss reported on Macs, there has just not been the same amount of pressure on Mac software developers to create a good recovery program. So if you have lost your iPod data, and want to recover your files, try to avoid the iPod recovery software and get it in to a professional.